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Liquid is a light Javascript based CMS with a mongoDB backend

What it's for

  • Simple sites, such as onesiders or small-business sites
  • Sites in which performance is not of critical concern
  • Sites with simple layout and presentation

What it's not for

  • Large, multi-page sites
  • Sites with complex visual and structural presentation
  • Sites in which performance is of critical concern

Make any part of your site editable

<body liquid-model="homepage">
            <h1 class="liquid" liquid-data="mainHeader">Some header</h1>
            id: "homepage",
            props: [
                mainHeader: "Company Name"

Company Name

Create modules for more complex items

<div class="liquid" liquid-model="employee">
            <h3 liquid-prop="name">John Doe</h3>
            <p liquid-prop="title">CEO</p>
            id: "homePage",
            submodels: [
                    id: "employee",
                    props: [
                        name: "John Doe",
                        title: "CEO"

John Doe


Create arrays of modules for lists